Thursday, November 19, 2009

you want to buy something you have to payfor it

what do people not get that when the oreder something from an online venue like Ebay, Etsy or even deviant that they have to pay for the fucking item? these sites allow for thousands of people to sell items easily and don't always have an immediate payment requiring the buyer to take action to run the payment , it is not a perfect system but it allows people to connect in ways they would otherwise not , Ebay beeing one of the biggest allows people to sell the crap they do not want, millions of people use it, then Etsy allows people to sell the crap they make ( this is the site I run my store from) artfire is another similar site . the point still holds that people need to pay for the items they buy from people in these communities online and not bitch people out for not sending an item they did not pay for , srls people I am fucking sick and tierd of reding the comments in all forms on these sites and seeing people bitch about non paying customer, you click thay buy now button and you are committing to a contract and not paying is a breact of that contract , if you don't pay I am one of those bitches that Leaves bad feedback. arg.

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