Friday, November 27, 2009

dinner was good

dinner last night was good now I just hope the person I blew off because she was full of shit will not read this, I had a lot of fun at dinner even if i fell off a fence and banked my head on the frozen ground and got my new socks wet. erics mom is an excellent cook and he is a lot of fun to hang out with.

so with out further ado how to make real cran berry sauce

2 12 oz bags of cranberries give or take
1 cup of sugar or honey ( a little less if honey)
4-6 oz of liquid some of it should be a juice like orange juice the rest should be water
a pinch of ginger and a nother of clove
and 1 tbl of vannila

now thorow all of it in a pan crank the heat and stir till all ther berries pop and you have something rally yummy.

as all of my recipes it's give and take have fun and eat well

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