Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fuck i miss my mac

ok a good number of y ou should know by now my mac was stolen and my accsees to other meens of of getting onlineness have been limited but I still want to fucking cry I miss my mac badly and I still need help replacing it asap so I don't start lossing accounts for not logging in to them so I now have a plan to whip out banners for peopleon the fucking cheep I cant do it for $1 cus paypal will take $.34 nearly half but I am thinking cheep if you guys check out my etsy store aka kateweb.org
you will get a basic idea on what I like to do i can do mere then tahat and all but right now I am fucking drsperate and need all the help I can get, I need at least $500 not including apple care to pull this off.
so it's basicly a what can I do for you thing going on right now , of course i wont be able to work on shit till i get the new mac but I am good at what I do but what the hey I can ask right?

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