Saturday, May 1, 2010


ok I don't know what the hell is with that thing that wants to download but don't DL it google is on it ( i hope) I have sent them a message but her is by diggo profile in case your board


ok so I have this amazon thing and I just want to see how it all looks seeing as I did buy the product I am linking to blah blah blah yeah you don't care , any way i got this thing
Oral-B Pro Toothbrush I like it and it works the funny thing is that my teeth like like 4 shades whiter in just a few days but I don't know if that is from playing with it or actualy brushing my teeth with it 2 times a day, any way it was cheep only about 11.99 with this coupon I had and I would recomend the thing even if the handle is huge- sorry it's been so long since my last post look @ my lj for stuff